Let go of your ugly past and forgive yourself

In life, everyone has a past which he or she may not like to remember. There are things which have taken place in our lives that anytime we try to remember them we seem to be demoralized.

Whatsoever the case might be, the question is,
'Should we allow our ugly past to weigh us down?'

Remembering our ugly past have a lot of negative influences on us if not properly managed. These are;

Psychologically; Your past can control you emotionally. It can change your happy mood to unhappy mood. It can make you to always appear sober, if not well managed. When this becomes intense, it can affect your performance in your business, your academics and your work area.

It can affect your relationship with others; Some people who may not know what you are passing through may misunderstand you, and therefore they may avoid associating with you.  

It can trigger some health disorders; When you allow your past to constantly determine your mood, it can lead to some health disorders such as high or low blood pressure, mental disorder, suicidal thoughts etc.

How then should we let go of our past?
There is no need to keep on remembering something that will make you unhappy especially if it is something that you cannot change.
Some people have been bereaved at one time or the other, and remembering those people they have lost weighs them down, but let me tell you, there is nothing you can do in such instance.

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Some people have been involved in broken relationships, always try to let go especially when you have tried your best and it is not working out because such thought of your broken relationship can affect your future relationship.

Accept what you cannot change, I know it is not always easy, but try as much as possible and you will overcome and forget such thought by always filling your mind with inspiring and amazing thoughts.

If possible, let your ugly past be an avenue for you to make useful amendments in your life.

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