Ik Ogbonna and fan

Nollywood actor, Ik Ogbonna has threatened to sue fan who shared a post which allegedly tags him as being gay.

The posts which  says " Ik Ogbonna, you still going and looking for Nollywood actors to sleep with, male for that matter. Ik Ogbonna, come out of your closet, you are gay, we know you are a gay, come out stop deceiving yourself, you are a gay ".

Reacting to the post, Ik Ogbonna shared a letter obtained from his lawyer, giving the poster 7 days to render apology or be ready to face the law court.
 See the letter, which he shared with the post;

" A free platform created for promotion and marketing has given people cheap voices to speak cheaply about people's hard earned integrity. Most of those who wants us to come out with "who we truly are" as they claim, have nothing to show to anyone. The noises are mostly made and heard by empty barrels. We give attention to what is of value, not what takes our attention from what is of value. And very soon, society must weed out the tares that prevent the wheat from standing out. If you come for allegations please come out of the closet to prove your allegations. "

Ik Ogbonna to sue fan to court

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