Treat your wife well

No woman will complain when she is well treated. If you are a husband who want to enjoy your marriage, treat your wife well. If your wife is not happy with the  way you are treating her, know very well that it will also affect you and the entire household. 

Know that women are not too difficult to please, it is just little things that matters to them. Sometimes, there are things which you may be doing, and she may not like it, but it is is likely that she may not let you know. So women endures a lot, and will choose to be dying emotionally. In your actions, always watch her reactions as this will guide you.

Here are ways by which you can treat your wife to enjoy your marriage;

1. Make her your number one priority

Don't take your wife as an option. See her as the first person whom you will not like to hurt or offend. She should be of paramount importance to you.

2. Don't compare her with another person

See your wife as someone who is unique in her own way. Is there anything she is not doing right? Is there anywhere she is backsliding? Is your duty to guide and correct her. Help her to improve. Comparing her will not make her happy and will not also be a solution to her problem.

3. Always provide her needs

Try to find out what your wife need at every point in time. Sometimes, it may be bothering her, but she may not tell you. It is your duty to always ask to find out. Provide those things she needs which you can afford.

4. Shower her with praises

Women likes to be praised. If she does something you like, don't just keep quite, praise her so that she will be able to do more. Keeping silent  may send the wrong signal to her.

5. Don't bear grudges against her

When she offends you, don't just be heaping it up in your mind because sometimes, she may not know that she has offended  you, be always willing to open up, so that she will take caution and apologize. If she ask for forgive, always try to forgive her.

6. See her as your queen

Whether she is beautiful or not, as long as you have made her your wife, try as much as possible to see her as the most beautiful woman you can think of. Take her the way she is, as this will also make her to be comfortable with herself.

7. Don't beat her

No matteqr the way your wife may have offended you, never raise your hands on her. Any day you try this, note that you have reduced the level of respect which she has for you, and this type of treatment will greatly affect your marriage in a negative way.

8. Don't expose your wife's weaknesses to anybody

Women feels belittled if the discover that you have exposed their weaknesses to anybody. Don't expose your wife's weaknesses even to your family members. Try to correct her as exposing her is not a sign of a husband who is matured.

9. Consider her advice

No woman will be happy if her advice is constantly rejected by her husband. It makes her feel like a fool. In order to make her happy, always put her advice into consideration and adopt such advice when necessary.

10. Never embarrass her in public

No matter the level of offence she commits, don't try to embarrass her in public, always take it home and settle the matter amicably.

11. Always help her out in any way you can

Don't see your wife as your house help, sometimes when you notice that she is stressed up, you can offer a helping hand. This will make her love you more.

12. Don't  suspect her

Is there any of her move that you don't seem to understand? Stop assuming. Open up, your instinct can deceive you sometimes.

13. Respect her no matter her age

So long as you have made her your wife, no matter her age, don't treat her like a kid, rather treat her with respect.

14. When she looks bored, make her smile

Don't ignore her when she looks unhappy, go extra miles to put smile in her face.

15. Take her out and remind her of your love for her

Take her out for vacations, when you have time also take her to her favorite spots. Don't make her living with you look boring to her. Constantly remind her of your undying love for her.

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