Win the woman of your dream

Some men are finding it difficult to approach and get along with the woman they are interested in. This could be as a result of shyness, fear of rejection, or inferiority complex.  Some men have missed their destined wife while others have missed better opportunities as a result lacking the right manner of approach. I want to give you some guidelines which will help you towards getting the attention of the woman that your heart desires. 

1. Have it in mind that all women are not the same: That you have had a bitter or unpleasant experience when you approached a woman does not mean that you will experience the same with another woman. Always give a try, and if you are rejected, move on and continue with your life.

2. Dress smartly and neatly: The way you dress, is the way that you will be addressed. I have heard the story of a man who approached a lady for friendship, because of his tattered appearance that day, the lady rejected his request. The next day, the met again and this time around, the man was neatly dressed, it was the lady who now saw him and walked up to him and apologized for being rude and later accepted his request. Always be conscious of your dressing, as you may not know when you are sending a wrong signal to the woman you are talking to.

3. Be bold when you are talking to a woman: Naturally, most women are more shy than men, so they like their opposite in this aspect. When you are talking to a woman you are interested in, do not be shy, comport yourself  and be bold. Try as much as possible to show the woman the "man in you" with your words.

4. Don't present your wealth first: Most sensible women may not see you as being real, if you try to impress them with your wealth. Don't start the conversation with, " I'm Mr........., I own this....... " This type of introduction is a turn off for most women, their interest is, " What do you have in your brain? , before any other thing.

5. Don't act to be too good when you know you are not: Try as as much as possible to be real. Claiming to be too good when you are not can easily be interpreted as being fake.

6. Avoid talking to much: Be brief with your words and avoid over emphasizing about yourself as this may lead to loss of interest on the woman's part.

7. Talk to her with respect:  In order to win the heart of the woman of your dream, you need to talk to her with respect. Women dislike being belittled no matter their age.

8. Offer to help: Little things that matter. You can prove that you will be willing and ready to help her by starting with little things. For instance, if she is carrying a heavy load, you can help her to carry some, if you are with a ride, you can give her a lift. This can go a long way towards melting her heart thereby making her to accept your request..

9. Even if you are turned down, walk out gently: Don't be abusive or violent if you are rejected. Some women may use this to taste your temperament. They way you handle this may make her to change her mind.

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