Family celebrating Christmas

Y'ello!  Y'ello !! Christmas!!!
Christmas is a very joyous season most especially in the life of kids. As schools are closing, when you take a look at the faces of kids around you, you will notice that the are all happy. Schools will round up with Xmas party, which includes presentation of songs, drama and also sharing of different gifts. Oh, oh, I can't forget the sighting of the "Almighty Father Xmas". So this where the celebration actually begins for the kids.

For those in the city,the environment have started changing, you will see various decorations, Xmas tress and light everywhere. Some people have started packing their bags ready to travel while others will go to interesting places in the city to celebrate theirs. Let's take a look at those in the village. Don't underrate those people. They can prepare more than you think. Roads that have grasses and hedges will be cleared. They have started sending their clothes to the tailors and also checking out different hairstyles so as to look good too.

Back to the kids! 
This is a season to easily annoy or make your kids happy. Kiddie's like new things to show off to their friends during this period. I can remember clearly when I was a kid, the anticipation of what my Xmas items will look like always keep me in high spirit. Each time mum goes to market and comes back, we will be looking forward to seeing our Christmas goodies. Not funny at all!

So to all the wonderful parents out there, don't let your kids be in bad mood this Xmas, even if you have not been buying new things for them from the beginning of the year, try as much as possible to get something new for them this time around.
I know sometimes we can be involved in huge debts and may not be able to buy something for them, what do we do? Try to explain to them very well and make promises, find other ways to make them happy. Otherwise, hmmmm, Let me stop here! 

If you have chance, take them out to see interesting places and relatives. Give them their favorite foods and drinks. Also take them to Christmas carol events which takes place in the church, so that they can understand the actual meaning of Xmas.

Important too!! Don't be carried away, remember that schools resumes immediately after Xmas, so while celebrating Xmas, be preparing for the kids going back to school!

Happy Xmas in advance!! 

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