Short Prayer for children success

 Short Prayer for children -
Children are special gifts entrusted into the hands of parents to take care of. That is why every parent should endeavor to commit his or her children into the hands of God.  Psalm 127:3 "Sons are heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him." Knowing fully well that your prayers will avail much for them, commit their spiritual and physical needs into the unfailing hands of God. Our children are constantly exposed to bad pressures and influences here and there, and we cannot be with them at all times, ask God to protect them wherever they may be, protect them from spiritual attacks because Satan is in constant attack to win their souls, therefore you should not let that happen. Praying for your children will also make them realize how much you love and care for them. You can pray along with them or pray for them secretly. Don't just pray once for them, whether you are the Dad or Mom, try to make praying for them an indispensable part of you. When your children succeed in their ways, you will be happy and also reap the rewards, therefore don't fail to ask God to take charge of their lives. Prayer for children is well written for you to make use of.

Short Prayers for Children Success and Protection

1. Dear God, grant my children the heart to live to know and love you, may they always trust and walk in your ways all the days of their life. Make them to take keeping your laws and commands an integral part of their life.

2. Father Lord, through the darkness, be near my children, keep them safe till morning light, listen to them when they pray in the evening and always guide and protect them in all their ways.

3. O Lord, in your compassion, grant my children every of their heart desire, helper of the helpless, always help them in their time of need and want. Grant them success and protect them in all their ways.

4. My God, in your loving compassion, take care of my children in time of sickness, erase their pains and heal them of their diseases, lighten up their sorrows and always keep them far away from evil.

5. Heavenly father, grant my children the type of wisdom that you gave to Solomon, let them be a problem solver for their generation and may they always be filled with your goodness and love.

6. Dear God, make my children to be obedient, may every spirit that will lure them into stubbornness be far away from them, make them to always walk in your sight and abide with your rules and commands.

7. O Lord, grant my children a brighter future, remove every form of gloom in all their ways and make them to be prosperous in all that they do.

8. Father Lord, bless my children,  bless me his father/mother and guardians, may their generations also be blessed, do not be far away from them so that they will continue to live in your mercy.

9. O God, forgive my children all their sins, draw them nearer whenever they want to go astray, may every path that they may tread on be that which will be to the glory of your name.

10. My God, you have been the one protecting my children since the day that they were born till now, thank you for always keeping them safe and sound, be their guide and guardian now and forever.

11. Almighty God, I strongly believe that you love all children, have mercy on my children, humbly I ask you and also have mercy upon all the children all over the world.

12. Lord, in your loving mercy, provide me with all that I need in order to be able to take care of my children, grant them strong health and may all their ways be prosperous.

13. Father Lord, I thank you for the blessing of the night, I thank you for the pleasant morning light that you have used to bless us, help my children to accomplish all that they will do today and may they never depart from your sight all the days of their life.

14. My God, thank you for granting me a blissful rest, good food and an unending loving care, may you continue to make the day so fair and good to me and my children.

15. O God, may my children live to your glory, may they live to know you more and follow your footsteps day by day, may they live in praise and adoration of your holy name all the days of their life.

16. O Lord, grant my children a heart to flee from pride and follow your humility all their life, may your love that is great and free draw them nearer to you forever.

17. Saviour Lord, you are so pitiful and kind, so meek and mild, grant my children your loving mind, always live within their heart so that they shall serve you all their days on earth.

18. God Almighty, you are the God that blesses little children, come and bless my children and all their friends, do not hide you presence from them because you are their redeemer.

19. Dear God, forgive my children of all their offences, guide their feet so that they may not go astray, always lead  them to tread on Godly paths.

20. O Lord, teach my children by day how to live according to your will, may they always dwell in your presence and be filled with your abundant grace.

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