Happy Birthday Quotes for Grandson

Here is an article on Birthday Quote for Grandson. As a Grandma or Grandpa, you should be happy seeing your grandchildren growing. You need to always be a part of their life and celebration too. Some grandchildren are so funny that the make you laugh away your pains and sorrows. Others are so helpful that the help us in running some errands. You need to motivate and encourage them by offering your words of advice and encouragement to them at every given opportunity.

Make use of Happy Birthday Wishes and quotes for Grandson to still remind that grandson how much you loves and cherishes him. Ask good things to happen to them too. Grandchildren likes their grandmother and grandfather very well, at times, if you listen to their conversations with their friends, you may hear them telling them how much they love you because of what you do for them. Sending these Birthday messages to your grandson will make him to love you more. They are sweet, lovely, Inspirational and motivational.

Birthday Quotes for Grandson

 1. I am celebrating you today my Grandson, you are indeed a special gift of God to me your grandmother/grandfather. You shall be prosperous and blessed in all your ways. Happy Birthday my Grandson.

2. You are such an obedient and gentle child. I always love you being around me. You are well brought up by your parents and I am so glad about it, do have a wonderful birthday celebration Grandson.

3. You will continue to grow with great wisdom and understanding. You will be among the wise and highly reckoned men that the world would ever had. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

4. Looking at you, I see a bright and prosperous future ahead of you. You will be highly blessed beyond measure. You are already blessed my Grandson.

5. Your new age will bring to you more open doors. Everything that you lay your hands on shall be prosperous henceforth. Enjoy your day my Grandson.

6. I feel proud to be the grandmother of a well behaved grandson like you. You really impresses me with the high level of maturity that you display when doing things. I love you so much my Grandson.

7. You have been a brilliant and imtelligent child and therefore on the celebration of your birthday today, I want to let you know that you will never be a failure but will excel both in your academics and anything that you do. Enjoy you day my Grandson.

8. Just the way that you have brought so much joy and happiness to all around you, happiness and joy shall never depart from you. Grow with abundant grace my lovely Grandson.

9. You are getting older but that will not prevent me from getting you all those things that I know that you love when you were a kid. I will keep on being that your lovely grandmother/grandfather that you know.

10. No harm shall ever befall you, the good Lord will guide, protect and direct you in all your ways. Have a great birthday celebration.

11. You will continue to grow with good and sound health. Sickness and illness shall be far away from you. Age with good and sound health my sweet Grandson.

12. Your great sense of humour and ever smiling face are among the things that makes me love you being around me. Keep on being that good and happy boy that you are always. Happy birthday to you.

13. You are such a lovely son with a high level of moral satandard. My wish for you today is that may you never deviate from the right track, keep on being that good boy that you are always.

14. I love the way that you pays great attention to my instuctions and advice. I love you so much for not only listening to my instructions and advice, but also making use of them. You are blessed my Grandson.

15. I have known you to not only being a peace lover but also a peace maker. You always avoid making troubles and always run away from it. I also admire how you settle issues among your peers. The peace of the Lord will always be with you. Happy Birthday to you.

16. My playful and fun loving Grandson, I promise to get you a suprise gift todaythat you will like so as to let you know that I am very happy with you. Enjoy your day.

17. My little boy of yesterday is now fast becoming a man. How time flies! I remember when you were born, how you will always cry for more water even after giving you some. I love the man that you are becoming and I also love the fact that you are growing to be a great man.

18. The most handsome of all my Grandson is +1 today. I remember when I was taking care of you when you were little, how peoples admires how cute and handsome that you are. You will continue to be greatly admired by all. Enjoy your day my Son.

19. When I look at you, I feel proud of the generations that I have produced. Thanks for being among the reasons why I am called a grandmother/grandfather. You will also live long to see your future generations.

20. You are that child that wiped away our pains and sorrows. You came when your parents were desperately looking for a child and God blessed them with you, therefore, blessed shall you be all the days of your life.

21. You shall continue to be that strong, hardworking and energetic son that you are always. The Lord will continue to bless you with a great strength.

22. Just an advice, I know that you like chocolate a lot, please hope you will not taking the way you use to when you were a kid. The good news is that I will still get them for you today.

23. It is of no doubt that you will be a great leaderof your time, the way that you instructs and directs your younger siblings always impress me. Happy Birthday my future president.

24. You love music a lot, I can remember how you do dance for me when you come around. Hope you are still great at it because I can't wait to see your dance steps today. Have a fun filled birthday celebration.

25. My look alike grandson is a year older today. I hope you know that you shares a striking resemblance with me. Have a wonderful birthday celebration my look alike son.

26. You are that grandson whom I can never forget his birthday date in a hurry. You were born the day that I was coming to visit your parents when I received the good news. You are already blessed my Grandson.

27.  You will never lack any good thing, all your heart desires shall be granted by the Almighty God. I wish you the best my Grandson.

28. I got you a toy gun as your birthday gift. Handle it gently because I am fully convinced that you will be a great hero of your time. Happy birthday to you.

25. You are going places, you will never be left behind in anything that you do. Success story shall never be far away from you, age abundantly my Grandson.

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