I miss you letters for him or her

 I miss you letters for him or her is specially written for you to use and remind that special person in your life how much his or her absence has affected you. Missing you letters will let him or her know that he or she truly means a lot to you and also that you can't wait any longer to see him or she. Communicate these love letters to the person with a high level of affection and care. It could either be your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or even your husband, these letters are all suitable for them.


1.I can't wait to see you

Hello Sweetest,

When I think about love, I think about you, when I think about the future, I see the both of us together.The thought of you have been giving me sleepless nights. How I wish that you can enter my heart from there to see exactly how I am feeling about you. I am looking forward to a day when I will miss you no more, a day when I will wake up and see you lying beside me. My love is with you and you alone will have my full love. I love seeing your face because it gives me hope, your laughter melts my heart and brightens my day. I miss you with all that is in me and I  can't wait to see you.

2. The night seems so long without you

My Dear Angel,

I am longer enjoying my nights and sleep because of your absence. I wake up several times to check whether the day have break, but everywhere seems to be still dark. When I wake up in the night, instead of hearing your sweet voice, all I hear is the whispering of the birds of the air and other living creatures therein. I prefered longer nights to shorter nights when you were around. I am wishing to see you soon, please come back and make my nights sweet and enjoyable. I miss you so much my love.


I miss you letters for him or her

3. Out of sight, still in mind


Could anything in this world ever make me to forget you? Nothing and no one can ever take your place in my life, not even distance. The quality moments that we shared together still remains evergreen in my memory. Even if you are far away from me for years, I can never forget you in a hurry. You are such a wonderful person that is why I am finding it difficult to stay without you. You can be far away from me, but you can't be far away from my mind. Though I missed you, but the thought of you makes me feel as if you are around me. I am dying to set my eyes on you again.

4. I don't want to miss you again

My Sweetheart, 

I am looking forward to a day that I will miss you no more. I can't wait to be with you forever. Your absence have really taught me a lot. I realised that you are the one responsible for my daily joy and happiness. Having you by my side makes me look forward to seeing another day. Since you left, I have become an unhappy and lonely person. I can't wait to see you again, I can't wait to hold you tight close to my heart and above all, I can't wait to miss you no more my babe.

I miss you letters for him or her


5. You are special and irrepleceable in my life

My Heartbeat,

No one can take your place in my life and no one can ever make me to feel the way that you make me feel. You have stolen my heart and caged it with your love but I am happy and proud of it because I know that it is in a safe place. You are a rare gem and that special soul that anyone will desire to have. You posseses special attributes that differentiates you from other people that I have come across with. I will never break your heart and I will never let you go out of my life. I am missing you so much and that is why I want to let you know that the heart you have stolen can't wait to be with you.

6. My prayer is with you

My Sugar,

I always commit you into the hands of God in my prayers. I ask God to guide and protect you so that no harm may befall you, you are such an important person that matters so much to my life, therefore, I will not allow anything that will take away your joy and happiness come near you. The Lord almighty will always provide you with all your needs. He will be your shelter and shield. Although, I am missing you so much, I pray that all will shall be well with you wherever you are.

I miss you letters for him or her


7. How I wish I can Open my eyes see you around me

My Love,

Since you left, all my dream are about you. I always see both of us together enjoying our special moments. Sometimes, it will seem as if it is a real life event, but when I wake up and look around, I only realized that it is just a dream. I am really expecting to see you as soon as possible because I am missing you so much. There are some people who do not need to be far away from some one, I am happy to let you know that you are among such people. Please come back soon and make my dreams a reality.

8. I am Unhappy and restless with you.

My Angel,

Those that around me will be able to tell you about my mood since you left. At times, I try my best to control myself, but at last I will still discover that my happpiness and joy cannot be complete without you. You are the original source of my happiness and I cannot frame it. You hold the key to my happiness, therefore come back and unlock it as soon as possible.

 I Miss you poem.

What a life without you around me;
Whom do I tell my feelings and concerns?
I am left with so many unanswered questions,
Every where seems so cool and dull.

Your absence have really taught me a lot,
The worth of what you have is reallly felt;
When it is no longer around you.
No one can ever do what you do for me.

What can I use to replace you;
Is it sliver or Gold?
No money can't buy or replace you in my life,
Because I value and treasure you above them all.

You are an Angel in human form;
Sent by God to complete my joy.
That is why I will cherish you each and every passing day.
Come back to me,
I wish to miss you no more.
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