Get Well Soon Messages to a Friend

Get well soon messages for him/her is specially written for you to use and wish that your friend a quick and speedy recovery. Good friends are rare to come by, so when they are sick, don't waste time in sending get well messages to them. You can also send prayer message for a sick friend through phone calls, text messages, etc. Go extra miles by making them laugh using funny get well soon messages/quotes for a friend. When you do these, you are laying a strong foundation for your friendship.

Get Well Soon Messages To a Friend

Get Well Soon Messages to a Friend

1.  My dear friend, I so much missed your company. Since the day I heard that you are sick, I have been feeling so lonely, please recover quickly because I can't wait to be in your company again.

2. I know how it pains when you are not able to do the things that you normally do again, but you don't have to bother so much because you are recovering soon.

3.  My sweet friend, I hope you are taking your prescribed medications? Please don't joke with them. All I wish for you is a quick and speedy recovery.

4.  I missed your smile, I missed your laughter, I missed your sweet voice. I missed everything about you. I can't wait to see and be with you again. Please recover quickly because of me.

5.  Take your mind away from those things that will make you unhappy, focus your mind on those things that makes you happy, this will help to get you relaxed and grant you quick recovery. Try to be happy because all will be well my dear friend.

Get Well Soon Messages to a Friend

6. In a meantime, you are going to give a testimony of your recovery, therefore, be prepared because it is going to be soonest.

7.  Please recover quickly because I have discovered a lot of places that we will go for fun and adventures.

8.  I have known you to be of good and strong health, therefore this sickness is not meant for you, rather it came by mistake and you are going to recover as soon as possible.

9. Don't worry, good health and happiness is already all over you. Calm down all will be alright.

10. My world best friend, you have defeated that illness, keep smiling because the storm is over.

Prayer For a Sick Friend

Get Well Soon Messages to a Friend

11.  Sickness is not a part of your body, you were not created with it, so my prayer for you is for God to heal you of this sickness so that you shall continue to live your healthy and normal life.

12.  Father Lord, I commit my sick friend into your able hands and I believe that you always take care of whatever that is being committed into your able hands, therefore heal him/her and may your name be praised.

13.  You are God the creator, the maker and the healer. All power belongs to you. I ask that you release your healing power upon my friend so that he/she will be well again.

14.  God I know that we all have sinned and come short of your glory. I pray and ask that you forgive my friend all his/her sins and grant him/her quick and speedy recovery.

 15.  I pray and ask God each and every passing day to release his hands of Divine healing upon you. Get well soon my dear friend.

Get Well Soon Messages to a Friend

16.  You are already a conqueror, you have been pronounced healed by the precious blood of Jesus. Claim it now because the storm is over in your life.

17.  I pray for your quick and speedy recovery, good people like you are not supposed to be sick.

18.  Get ready, the Lord will visit you and heal you. Shout of joy and victory will be yours soonest.

19.  It is well with you in the name of Jesus. Sickness is not your portion and does not have power in your life again.

20.  He is the miracle worker. He has done it again and again, therefore I believe that your case will not be different. God will heal you of whatever that is disturbing you.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages/Quotes For a Friend

Get Well Soon Messages to a Friend

21.  Now I know that sickness does not respect anyone, if it can catch a handsome/beautiful  guy/girl like you.

22.  Even though you are sick, please feed very well because I don't want you to loose your fine shape.

23.  I was surprised to hear that you are sick because I don't know that funny people like you can get sick.

24.  Hope you are not stressing people around you much, sometimes get up and live the bed and stop being too friendly with your bed.

25.  I'm coming to visit you in your ward, but guess what? I will break all the rules in your ward, I will play your favourite music and make sure you laugh out weirdly.

Get Well Soon Messages to a Friend

26.  For me, you are not sick, it's just a time for you to take a break, enjoy your rest and take your drugs.

27.  Tell me what you missed most since all this while that you have been sick. Guess it's going to the beach?

28.  You are still awake and chatting? Sorry dear, sickness does not fit you. Get well soon my friend.

29.  How does your face look like? Please don't squeeze it much, because I love your beautiful/handsome face.

30.  I miss you so much my gossip mate, please get well soon because there is enough gist!

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