Funny random questions to ask a girl or guy - For fun and an interesting conversation

Random questions that you can easily ask a girl or guy is specially written for you. Never underrate the power of  random questions because it can help you to either directly or indirectly  know the type of person you are talking to. 

If you are a guy or girl that wants to keep the conversation between you and your partner funny and enjoyable, then try these questions. But before you choose any question, try to choose the type that will not offend the person whom you are communicating with. The way you present the questions also matters a lot, therefore when necessary, you can choose funny random questions.

In this article, you will see;

  • General random questions to ask a girl or guy
  • Funny random questions to ask a girl or guy 

Random questions to ask a girl or guy

1. What has been your greatest challenge?

2.  What have you done in the past that you wish you can change if given another opportunity?

3.  What will you do if someone you love, does not love you back?

4.  Have you ever been publicly embarrassed before?

5.  What is your greatest fear about entering into friendship with someone?

6.  Name three things you like most about yourself.

7.  Which social media do you use often?

8.  In the next ten years, where do you want to see yourself?

9.  Do you prefer coming early or keeping late at night?

10. What do you admire most in other people?

11.  Have you won a competition before? If yes, which one?

12.  Is your present career what you dreamt of?

13.  What has been your greatest achievement so far?

14.  Which one do you like most; calling or texting?

15.  What is that your character that you will not like another person to have and why?

16.  What is it that someone has done to you which you will never forget?

17.  During your early school years, were you a dull or brilliant student?

18.  What is your best extracurricular activity?

19.  What is your Religion?

20.  Are you hot tempered?

21.  Tell me the part of your body which you cherish so much and can never joke with?

22.  Which of your properties that you can never lend to someone?

23.  What is your greatest fear about falling in love?

24.  Which one do you easily feel; hotness or coldness?

25.  Have you rejected a proposal before?

26.  If you are in a position to stop a particular act in the society, what will it be?

27.  What is your favourite sleeping position?

28.  Do you prefer sleeping alone or sleeping with someone on your bed?

29.  Are you okay with what you are doing now?

30.  Where do you prefer as your relaxation spot?

31.  Do you feel bad when you are not appreciated after helping someone?

32.  Who is that person whom you will like to avoid but you keep on seeing every time?

33.  Where do you want to spend your next vacation?

34.  Tell me the places that you have visited that you like most?

35.  Do you feel shy when you are in public?

36.  Who is your best; your Dad or your Mum?

37.  When did you realize that the stars were not as small as they look?

Funny random questions to ask a girl or guy - For fun and an interesting conversation

38.  What is the worst thing that someone has done in your presence?

39.  Which subject do you like best?

40.  What is your favourite dress code?

41.  Do you have an enemy?

42.  Can you wish your enemy good?

43.  Do you like quite or loud people?

44.  What is your unforgettable childhood memory?

45.  Which color do you like most?

46.  What is the food that you can cook within the shortest time?

47.  Do you like fried foods?

48.  Do you like sugary foods?

49.  Who is your role model?

50.  Which of your names will you not like to easily reveal to someone?

51.  What do you admire most in nature?

52.  Who is your best friend and why do you like him or her?

53.  What is your favourite movie?

54.  If you are to buy a car, what type of car will you buy?

55.  What is the worst place that you have visited which you will not like to visit again?

56.  Do you take alcohol? If yes, have you gotten drunk before?

57.  How will you describe yourself; pessimistic or optimistic?

58.  Did you sustain any serious injury during your childhood?

59.  Do you look like you Dad or your mom?

60.  Can you read in a noisy environment?

61.  Are you good in saving money?

62.  What is the worst decision you have ever taken?

63.  Do you enjoy trekking?

64.  Do you have any pet? If yes, which one?

65.  Which animal irritates you most and why?

66.  What is your most cherished property?

 Funny Random questions

Funny random questions to ask a girl or guy - For fun and an interesting conversation

67.  What is the most stupid thing you have ever think of?

68.  What is your greatest fear of getting old?

69.  How many times do you laugh in a day?

70.  Have you been chased by an angry dog before?

71.  If it is possible to switch gender, will you switch your gender?

72.  Can you hold a block of ice without your hands shaking?

73.  Can you focus your eyes on something for ten minutes without blinking it? If yes, try it?

74.  How many minutes or hours does it take you to complete you bath?

75.  What is that particular name that you that you can never call your child?

76.  How do you react to good or bad news? Demonstrate for me.

77.  Have you dreamt of being given something and wake up and start searching for that thing before?

78.  If you are to change your current country of origin, which other country will you choose?

79.  What is the thing you have always believed to be true, but recently discovered that it is a lie?

80.  If I should cease any of your things now, whom will you first report to?

81.  What is that question which you will never ask someone?

82.  Apart from me, who else have asked you such question before? (You can refer to a particular question).

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