How to dress appropriately to work

It is time for you to go to work,and you are confused on what to wear and your dressing combination. You will stand still looking at your wardrobe, but still unsure on what to wear. Sometimes, it may lead you to going to work late. Know that you are not in this alone, this is a situation that most females faces.

Okay, I'm here to give you some tips on how to dress appropriately to that your working area. You have to know that " the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. "

What is your dress code?

You need to ask yourself this question first, because I know that sometimes, some organizations have their dressing code for each day, so after you have answered this question, you can move ahead.

Avoid too much make-up

How to make-up  work

This is very important because I know that we females like to have pretty face,and we greatly pay attention to our facial appearance. Yes, this is not a bad thing. But be careful when applying that make-up, most especially when going to work so that you will not scare people with your make up.
When purchasing your make-up, ask them the right colour shade for you and also apply lightly, so that it will blend perfectly with your face.

Eyeglasses or sunshade

If you are someone who puts on sunshade or eye glass, put on moderately sized ones, avoid over tinted or big eyeglass or sunshade.

Your hair

Hair that is not good for work

  • Don't fix or put on blonde hair when going to work, look for a hair that has natural colour.
  • Style or pack your hair very well, know that the "beauty of a woman lies in her hair".
  • When your hair whether natural or artificial is dirty or old, wash or replace because sometimes it may bring out offensive smell which can discomfort you, your colleagues or customers.


  • Don't wear rumpled clothes to work

Always make sure that your working clothes are well ironed. Don't make the mistake of wearing tattered cloth to work as this may not speak good of you and also will thwart your efforts towards dressing appropriately to work.

  • Check out you clothing colour combination 

Check to know whether your clothing colours will match or not. Avoid putting on so many unmatched colours. Choose the right colours that will make your dressing appear cool.

  • Don't put on over tight clothes

Putting on fitting clothes do not necessarily mean putting on tight clothes. Wear clothes that will make you to be comfortable and grant you ease of movement.

  • Dress decently

When you are going to work, it is important that you dress decently. Don't overexpose your body. Avoid wearing over revealing clothes. Don't expose your cleavage, if you are wearing a cloth that has belly button, make sure you lock it. Whatever you are wearing, make sure that it crosses your knee, mini skirt is a "no" for a female who is going to work.


  • Avoid over high heeled shoes

Shoe that is not good for work

You should wear something that you will be comfortable with when you are going to work. Your shoe should be able to allow you walk freely. If you are someone who stands a lot in your working area, look for balanced shoes so that you will not hurt your legs.

  • Your shoes should not be too tight or loose 

When buying shoes, choose the one that is exactly your size, you can manage a tight shoe to other places, but not to work. Also, make sure that the colour of your shoe blends with your cloth colour.


Choose the right jewelries when going to work, put on simple jewelries. Your earrings, necklace, bracelet, should all be moderately sized, don't wear jewelries that will be dangling on your body.


Know that your nails matters a lot when you want to dress appropriately to work. Whether your nails are natural or artificial, it should not be too long, if you want to coat it, go for natural or cool colours.

Perfume and Cologne

Do you know that some people gets upset by heavy perfume or Cologne scent?While spraying your perfume or Cologne, do it moderately, and also don't go for those ones that have irritating smells.

Your handbag

If you are someone that loves heavy handbags, you can use for other places and not to work. Check the content of your handbag, pick important things and avoid carrying unnecessary load.

In conclusion, know that you don't need to spend much before you can dress appropriately to work, choose the right clothing,  right combination, and the right shade of colours, and off you will go looking good.

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