How to make long distance relationship work

People sometimes complain that their relationship is suffering or coming to an end due to distance barrier. But this sounds funny to me because I believe that if the right measures are applied, it will be something enjoyable.

Although, it depends on the aim of the relationship, if your intention in a distance relationship is to make it lead to marriage, there are things you need to do to make sure that such relationship is maintained and does not come to an end due to distance.

Here are some tips to guide you maintain a working distance relationship;

1. Communication: This is inevitable in ensuring that distance relationship is maintained. Thanks to the invention of Global System Modulation (G.S.M), which now makes communication easier. So you need to call your partner often, I may suggest that you form it as a habit,always call to know how he or she is faring,as this will help in bonding both of you and keep the thought of each of you afresh in your memories.

2. Trust: Suspicion ruins distance relationship. Build your relationship to a level that you will be able to know each other very well so as to maintain trust. When there is lack of trust, jealousy sets in,and this can make the relationship come to an end.

3. Transparency: Be open in your relationship as long distance relationship requires this. Don't hide your secrets because your partner is not around you, when you share your secrets, thought or feelings, this will bring both of you more closer to each other, because if your partner knows your secrets or more about you from another source, it can terminate the relationship.

4. Understanding: Create an understanding environment. Try to understand your partner very well. Know when he or she is not happy or tired. Take for instance, sometimes you can call, and it happens that your partner is tired that particular time, try to give him time to rest. When there is a high level of understanding in your relationship, there won't be much problem.

5. Settle disputes immediately it arises: Don't postpone the settlement of any dispute. Make sure that the air is totally cleared immediately. Delaying the settlement of disputes in long distance relationship can lead to the escalation of the dispute if not settled immediately.

6.  Show concern for the need of each other: Even if you don't have what your partner needs,show that you care but unable to provide at the moment,as total neglect of your partner's need may affect the relationship in a negative way. Provide for each other's need if the resources for it is available. Don't feel less concerned.

7. Make out time to see each other once in a while: That you are in a long distance relationship does not mean that you will not make out time to visit your partner when you have time to do so,as this will restore hope and also strengthen the relationship.

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