Most times, we run away from some people and term them as being "difficult". We can encounter the so called difficult people in different places, this can be in our working places, business areas,or learning areas.

Before you term someone as being difficult, I know that there are some personal attributes or characters which the person possesses that is conflicting with yours, this might be the persons' expectations when it comes to work or other areas of life.

Sometimes, the people we refer to as being difficult might not be necessarily bad just that we fail to understand their expectations from us.

There are some cases where those people are people you cannot do without, what do you do in such an instance, Run away from them or continue bearing grudges against them in your mind? It is important to find out the person's expectations from you before you conclude.

How do you handle such people?

Do not always conclude based on what you heard about them: That someone is difficult to another person does not mean that same will be automatically applicable to you. It is a wrong assumption. Let's take for instance, you get employed in an area, on getting there, you met someone who told you how difficult your boss or any other person is, and you automatically conclude that it is going to be the same with you, this is absolutely wrong! First of all, reason that your character and the character of the person telling you this might not be the same. Some times, it might be the person's character that pisses him off from that person.

Take time to study the person: Like I said earlier, the person might have some attributes or characters that he or she detest. Draw close to such and identify such characters and if they are in appropriate and you possess some of them, is time for you to amend.

Always give a listening ear when they speak: Don't argue much with such people, but try to be attentive so that you will understand their main point and know how to ask and answer questions from them at any point in time.

Try to be cheerful when communicating with such people: Do you know that your facial expression matters a lot during communication? Smiling or being cheerful during communication can melt a heart that is as hard as stone.

Try your possible best to accomplish every assigned task: I believe no one will be difficult or hard to someone doing the right thing. So when you are assigned a task by such people, always try to accomplish them neatly and timely too.

After trying all these and other measures and it still does not work, know where to draw the line. If you have an alternative place, you can leave instead of tormenting yourself emotionally.

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