How to save your money

This goes to my esteemed readers! I just want to share some important money saving tips which I know you will like!!
It's good to work, it's good to earn and it's also good to save. So, working, earning and saving makes a good result.

At times, we work hard but at the end of the year, we have nothing to boast of. We are only left with unaccomplished projects.

So here are the tips, enjoy reading!

Start saving with the little you earn: As the saying goes "Drops of water makes the mighty ocean". Don't wait to start earning millions, begin with the little you have, before you know it, you have succeeded in having something with you.

Make a budget: Oh yes I know, sometimes we fail to make a budget  and this keeps our pockets dry at the end of the month. But if you can make a good budget, you will avoid unnecessary spending. Make sure that your expenditure always corresponds with your budget.

Create room for emergency: Always plan for unexpected events, and set something aside for it. Be keeping small amount from your earnings, so that your saving will not be affected.

Choose you best method of saving: Each of us has his or her own preferred way of saving. Some people like saving in the bank, some choose joint contribution while others prefer saving box. Each of these saving methods has its own challenge. For those of us that save in the bank, I know sometimes we are tempted to subscribe or recharge with our savings, but when you choose this method, great care should be taken, we should stay away from ATM and Mobile applications in order to have an intact saving. If you  prefer joint contribution, always do it with people you know and can trust. If you are making use of saving box, great care should also be taken because many have fallen victims of it being either stolen, misplaced or vandalized.

Set out a project you want to accomplish with your savings: Map out a project that you want to actualize. This will help you to be more focused and be determined to achieve your project.

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