The type of friends we choose to relate with has a direct influence on us. We have to be careful when selecting friends because it plays a great role in our life pattern. No wonder the popular adage, "Tell me whom you go with, and I will tell you whom you are". This  means that the friends we choose goes a long way in defining us.

Try to choose friends whom you will be free with, who will help you to improve and not who will draw you back. While keeping friends, there are things you need to watch out for, honestly, when you discover some of these things, you should consider the " exit door ".

  • Friends that does not have goals and objectives: This category of friends with no ambition will only succeed in pulling you down if care is not taken.

  • Friends that will not tell you the secret behind their success: When you find yourself with this type of friends, you have to be vigilante because they can hide more things from you.

  • Friends whose habits does not conform with yours: If you are someone who have a high moral standard, and you start going out with your opposite, if you are not strong, you might yield in to  the person's own habit. 

  • Friends who cannot help in time of need, even when they are in a position to do so: As the saying goes " A friend in need, is a friend indeed ". Any friend who is in a position to help, but can't help, is not your real friend.

  • A jealous friend: Any friend that Envy's your success is not a true friend, be careful because such a friend can go any length to terminate you or your success.

Friend that gossips a lot: Most friends that tells you a lot about other people, will also tell people a lot about you. So be careful sharing your secret with such friends.

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