Do you always  feel discouraged when you don't seem to achieve what you want? If yes, it shouldn't be so, the only person that can encourage you is "you".

Don't let your challenges weigh you down. Always find a reason to stand on you feet again. If you read the history of many great men we have in the world today, you will discover that the didn't start making it immediately. Some encountered stumbling blocks on their way, but didn't give up. They kept on encouraging themselves until they achieved their goal.

Don't wait for someone to tell you to push further before you start pushing further, because sometimes there might not be someone to tell you so. The best form of help you can get is self help. If you have encountered failure in the past, don't live on it, but rather try to let go.

Always be motivated, and keep moving high. Life battle always come, but those that feel that they can't be defeated are those who always win. Don't ever look down on yourself. The way you see yourself, is the way people will see you. The way you present yourself, is the way people will take you, so never underrate your self. Never see yourself as a failure because you didn't achieve what you want at a particular time, there might be greater opportunities waiting for you.

So, why can't you encourage yourself? Stand on you feet and tell yourself "I CAN"

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