I'm so of you quotes and messages

I'm so Proud of you Quotes

1. You make me fly on an eagle's wings, I greatly admire your hardworking and intelligent nature. I am so proud of not only knowing you, but also associating with you.

2. You are highly focused and purpose-driven, you do not let anything hinder you from achieving your target. I'm proud of you my love.

3. Having you as a friend is among the best thing that has ever happened to me, you are such a wonderful and unique person. I feel so proud having you as a part of my life.

4. Words alone may not be able to describe whom you are and how much I value you. You are of inestimable value to me. I'm so glad that I met a special person like you.

5. I'm so proud of you, you are a genius and a rare gem. A great problem solver you are. I'm highly convinced that you will surely get to that level that your heart desire.

6. You pushes me to do more, you made me realize that my good is not enough until I get my best. You may not know, but I value you more than you think.

7. There are two of your qualities that keeps drawing me closer to you; your smart and intelligent nature I can't overlook. I'm proud of the kind of person that you are.

8. When I reflect on all that you have achieved within a little space of time, I feel highly convinced that you are a special creature of our time. You are going places this I surely know and I feel proud being your friend.

9. Believe it, you are greater than you think, smarter than you think, more intelligent than you think. I have observed all these around you and that is why I always like to be around you. I'm so proud of you.

10. I love the way that you put my advice to you into work, thanks for always listening to my advice and making use of them. I'm proud of the kind of person that you are.

11. You are a born leader this I know starting from the day that I came in contact with you, the way that you reason and handles issues amazes me. I am so proud that you were chosen as the leader among the rest.

12. I can't count the number of times that you made me proud but I am sure that it is more than a million times, you have done a lot of fantastic things and you have equally achieved a lot. I am so happy with you.

13. You have won a special place in my heart with all that you do that is why I will keep on celebrating you each and every passing day. I will always be proud of you.

14. Every passing minute, you always prove to me that you are greater than what I thought you are. I am so proud that you have never dissapointed me before. You will always remain special and important to my world.

15. What amazes me most about you is that you are still loyal and humble to me despite all that you have achieved. I will always love and appreciate you because of this. I am so glad to have come in contact with you.

I'm so proud of you messages

16. I crossed your path, I'm glad I did, I learnt a lot from you within a short period of time. I' m happy I met and I am also happy that I learnt a lot from you.

17. I want to let you know that this is just the starting point for your achieving greater things, you will continue to go higher and all that you wished to be, you shall be. I'm so proud of you.

18. Ever wondered why I keep coming closer to you? I find you irresistible in so many ways. I love all that you do.

19. Keep making me proud, keep giving me so many reasons to believe in you. I will be by your side. I'm happy for whom you are.

20. You have actually proved to me that no mountain is too high for you to climb. You have conquered in all and overcome every stumbling block on your way to success. You are the greatest achiever that I know and I am highly proud of you.

21. Seeing you growing to the man that you wish to be amazes me. I am happy for whom you have grown to be and I am so happy that you didn't let me down.

22. You are a born genius and I am proud that you have always keep the flag flying.

23. Your second name is "success" because you have tried to be successful in all areas of your life. Keep on striving hard and keep on making me proud.

24. You are a charming personality and your goodness radiates fully all over you. Thanks so much for infecting me with your goodness. Having you in my life is something that I will never stop being proud of.

25. Your future generation will be proud of all that you have achieved, your name will never phase out in history. Forward you shall always go in your life. I proud of your hardworking nature.

26. All my efforts tutoring you was never a waste. You not only made use of the knowledge that you have acquired from me but added a bunch of your own knowledge. I am proud to have a quality product like.

27. I am proud that you did not give up but rather persisted in the midst of all odds and adversaries. You are destined to be great and I am proud that you have continously projected your flag upwards.

28. Chanelling your energy towards the right direction is one thing that will always make me to give you a big kudos. Keep beinng positive and focused. I'm happy being your friend.

29. The best way to acknowledge someone that is making laudable achievement is to let him know and encourage him to keep on working harder and never give up. I am so happy about all that you have achieved, always stay focused and never give up.

30. You have this creative ability that always makes me believe that you are highly gifted, your ability to make something out of nothing marvels me. I will continue to hold you in a high esteem.

31. You have a heart of gold, always ready to offer a helping hand. You are not only a friend but also a helpmate to me. I'm so proud of the type of friend that I have found in you.

32. I can proudly tell you that you have touched my life in such a way that no one else have, you may not know when you did this, but all that I learnt from you made me a better person.

33. You are such a special and unique creature with so many outstanding qualities. I'm so proud being your friend.

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